Barcode Label Printing Service (Hong Kong)

2019 Oct 13
Barcode Label Printing

Barcode Label Printing Service in Hong Kong


We provide barcode label printing service in Hong Kong.

Wide selection of label sizes depending on your needs.

We are able to provide most barcode types including Code 128, Code 39, EAN, EAN-13, UPC, QR Code & etc


Please send us the following information for quote.


  • Product: Barcode Label


    Label Size

      W (mm) x H (mm) 

    Popualr Size:  30*10mm, 30*15mm, 30*25mm, 33*20mm, 40*15mm, 40*30mm, 50*25mm, 70*30mm

    Printing Content

      (Please describe the printing content. Or give us the artwork file.)


    Other Remarks

    Delivery Address

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Bacode Label Printing Service in Hong Kong

40mm x 20mm, paper label, right angle. printed EAN-13 barcode, and product information.
30mm x 15mm, paper label, right angle. printed Code 128 barcode and product code.
40mm x 30mm, paper label, right angle. printed UPC barcode and product code.
30mm x 25mm, paper label, right angle, printed EAN-13 barcode and product code.

We have experiences and knowledges of barcodes, in particular with regard to standards and specifications.
We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive barcode supply service that includes set-up advice, design, verification and printing.

Our bar codes are computer generated – which removes the need to produce costly and time-consuming printing plates and artwork. Just give us a typed list of your bar code numbers and we can do the rest. Changes to bar code numbers are now easy and cost-effective.

Our dedicated label software will automatically calculate and confirm any check digit in the code and we scan and verify samples of the bar codes we produce to ensure they meet specification.