Domed Label Printing (Hong Kong)

2019 Oct 15
Domed Label Printing

We provide domed label printing service in Hong Kong.

Domed Labels have a thick, dome-shaped clear resin coating on top.

This fantastic 3D appearance will add value to your brand.

It can be made to customizable shapes and sizes.

It is suitable for making a logo sticker or any other artwork.

We can make on white, silvery or transparent background.

Domed label also called crystal label, epoxy label and etc.


Printed label with a coating of dome-shaped resin on top.

Thickness of the resin is around 1.2 mm

Lead time

8 ~ 12 working days


For enquiry, please send us the following information by e-mail for quote.



  • Product: Domed Label Printing

    Company Name


    W (mm) x H (mm). Please provide the label size.


    E.g. Circle, Rectangular, Oval, Irregular Shape

    Printing Content

    (Please send us the artwork file or descrieb the details of the printing content.)

    Label Background

    (E.g. Ordinary label, silvery, transparent and etc.)


    Other Remarks:

    Delivery Address

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Our Domed Label

Domed Label, 10mm x 10mm, 2C Printing. Used on electronic products
Domed Label, 32mm x 12mm, Silvery background, 1C printing (Black). Company Logo.
Domed Label, 60mm x 36mm, Silvery background, 1C printing (Black). Company Logo.
Domed Label, 50 x 15mm, Rectangular, Round at both ends, White base, 2C printing. Used in nursing home
Domed Label, 82mm x 15mm, Rectangular, Round Corner, White background, 1C printing. logo
Domed Label, 15mm diameter, Round Shape, White background, 2C printing. Company logo



How about the artwork file?


Artwork file is provided by customer.